5 Simple Ways to Bypass Windows XP Password

Is it troubling you when you forgot Windows XP password? What if you have created a password hint or password reset disk in advance? Or What if you have another administrator account? In this post, I would like to show you 5 options to deal with forgotten Windows XP password. With these options, forgotten windows XP password will never be a problem.

forgot xp password

Solution 1: Use Windows Password Hint

If you forgot your Windows XP login password, using a password hint that you have added when you set this account has been proved to be the simplest way to bypass Windows XP password. However, if you have not set a password hint yet, you need to either set one or change it. Here I would like to show you how to do it.
1. You first click the “Start button” and “Control Panel”, and then click “User Accounts”
2. Here you can click “Change your password”, and then type your current password, and next type the new password you want to use, and then confirm it
3. Click “Change Password” after type the password hint that you need to use.
Note: Do remember to create a password hint to avoid losing Windows XP password in the future. Once this password hint has been complete, keep it safe and do not let other people know it.

Solution 2: Try Windows Password Reset disk

Windows XP provides the easiest method to recover forgotten XP password by using “Password Reset Disk” which we have created it in past. We can create it through Windows User Accounts menu when we can open “Windows Control Panel”, Select “User Accounts” and then click the left pane “Create a password reset disk”. In other words, you only need to go to Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts -> Create a password reset disk. Is it easy to create it? For more information, please visit: How to Create Windows XP Password Reset Disk.
Here comes another problem, how to use this disk when I forgot Windows XP password?
That is also easy and only takes a few seconds. First you need to insert it into PC. At the login screen, you can see “Reset password” Option, follow the “Password Reset Wizard” tutorial to reset it. It will allow you to access your Windows XP finally.
Tips: Definitely it is a good habit to create a password reset disk when set Windows XP password. Who knows? We will need it someday. Many Windows users agree that it is one of the best way s to bypass lost windows XP password. Once it is completed, please put it in a safe place and make sure you can find it when you need it.

Solution 3: Apply another Available Admin Account

Generally speaking, on every version of windows, there is a default windows administrator account which allows us to login in windows with a blank password. So when we forgot XP password, the first thing we should do is to check what kind of account we forgot. Whether there are any other users that have accounts with administrator level on your PC. In Windows XP, three are 3 types of user accounts with different privileges: administrator account, standard user account and guest account. If forgot your user account, you can log in Windows XP with built-in administrator account or other available admin accounts to bypass our user password. Now we can reset our forgotten user password within “Control Panel -> User Accounts”.


1. Click “My Computer icon” to select Manage after logging on computer.
2. Now we have entered Computer Management screen and then click “Local Users “and “Users folder” and “Groups folder”.
3. Here displays all of Windows XP account. Then double-click the account which we have forgot password and select “Reset Password”. You can reset any new passwords as you like.

Give it a shot! Now you have reset the lost windows XP password and get access to your system without any password or the password just set. It is pretty easy compared with Solution 1 and Solution 2, right?

Solution 4: Get Windows Password Recovery Software

If you are unable to find your forgotten windows XP password from the above methods then you can opt for Windows password recovery software. But which is the best solution when you forgot Windows XP password? I have searched on the internet and found that Ophcrack, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, PC Login Now, Kon-Boot, Cain & Abel and John the Ripper has been top 6 free windows password recovery program. Among them, Ophcrack is the most popular and also the fastest one to crack Windows XP password. By using LM hashes through rainbow tables, it can help you bypass forgotten XP password easily and quickly.

Unfortunately, on one hand, you can’t get Ophcrack to work unless you have basic password cracking skills. On the other hand, 100% password recovery rate is not guaranteed. In addition, it is no safe to use free password recovery program. So if you are computer newbie, you had better try easy-to-use windows password reset tool such as Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0, Windows Password Key Professional, etc.

Here take “Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0” for example. Normally, the program can easily reset the password to “Blank” with no -reformatting or installation. Do all of the job for you automatically. With it, you can reset lost passwords on all popular Windows platforms. No need of any computer skills of the forgotten Windows password; No need to ask help form others. You can solve it by yourself with this powerful tool. No matter how complicated the password is. Here I would like to give you a detailed guide on how to operate it.

windows password recovery tool

How-to Guide:
(1): Get Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 from www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com and then run it on any pc except the locked one.
(2): Insert a blank CD/DVD to burn a password reset disc. Next start the burning process by click “Burn CD/DVD” button.
(3): Set this PC boot from CD/DVD in BIOS after you insert the burned password reset disc to the target PC.
(4): Start this tool with password reset disc and reset the password after a few clicks.
Note: You can try to bypass forgotten Windows XP password with Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0. as well. However you should not use it to hack someone else’s pc as it is illegal. You can only hack your own pc. Other it will bring you some trouble.

Solution 5: Reinstall OS

Reinstall Windows XP is the last option for you when you forgot Windows XP password. This is because reinstalling means lost some important data on your computer. But if you have nothing important on your computer, or you can’t access to your computer after trying the above 4 Methods, then you can reinstall OS.

You may hear this old saying for many times: Every coin has two sides. As a result all of these ways have its pros and cons. So make certain that you apply the appropriate way according to your own situation.
At last, you probably won’t forget your Windows XP password, but you may well need to help a friend or you family. So just share these ideas with them.

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Source: http://www.powerpointpasswordrecovery.net/bypass-windows-xp-password.html


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