How to Bypass Windows 8 Password within 3 Minutes?

What can you do when lost or forgot Windows 8 password? Of course, there are kinds of ways to help you bypass Windows 8 password. But what if you can’t bypass it by yourself? Or what if you mind data loss? Or long time to wait for Windows 8 password recovery?

bypass Windows 8 password

bypass Windows 8 password

So how to bypass Windows 8 password within the less time and without data loss? Is there a easy-to-ues tool can bypass password windows 8 instantly? Yes, Windows Password Recovery Tool can accomplish this without losing any data, only takes 3 minutes.

Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional is an all-in-one Windows 8 Password reset tool which can bypass Windows 8 password without losing data or formatting your system. It can also help you bypass password Windows 7/Vista/XP/2012/2008/2003/2000 password instantly no matter what password you lost(domain or local password).

Step 1: The first thing we will need to do is free download Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional and install it to another available computer. Run the software to create a Windows password recovery disk with CD. If you are going to be bypassing your win 8 password on something that doesn’t have a CD drive, such as a netbook, you can simply create a password reset disk with USB Pen Drive.

1. Insert a writable CD/DVD or plug in an blank USB Pen Drive
2. Select the right burning option of burning and choose your Drive name from the pull-down list
3. Click Burn button to start burning, this process will take about one minute
4. After burning finishes, take out your disk

Step 2: Insert the Windows password reset disk into your PC. Boot your PC from CD-ROM or USB.

Step 3:  After boot from your password recovery disk, Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional will start automatically and display a frirndly interface.

1. Select an user name from the list and click Reset Password.
2. Click Yes when a confirm massage appears, and the password will be removed.
3. Now you have successfully bypassed the Windows 8 password(show blank).
4. Now click Reboot > eject your CD/USB and click Yes when a dialog pops up. Then you can logon Windows 8 without password.

Bypassing a Windows 8 password is the same as bypass Windows 7/Vista/XP password. Is it easy?

Get more detail guide from: How to Bypass Windows 8 Password?


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