How to Reset Windows 8 Password on All Brand PC?

The computer maker has debuted kind of Windows 8 computer since the release of Win 8 OS, including Dell, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Asus, Lenovo, etc. All of these brands PC run the latest version of Windows, and have “natural touch interfaces, which are popular among win 8 fans. However, it is very common that most win 8 users tend to forgot Windows 8 password for some reason. In this situation, how to reset Windows 8 password is worth discussing.

It’s really a sad thing when you locked out of windows 8 computer especially there are vital data on your PC, which stops you reinstalling OS. How? Generally speaking, it is a piece of cake for computer experts who are good at computing, while it means a disaster for computer newbie without computer skills. Here I would like to share 3 simple Windows 8 password reset way with all of computer newbie.

reset windows 8 password

Way One: Reset Windows 8 Password with Password Recovery Disk

When you lost windows 8 password and locked out of computer, the first thing you should clear is whether you have created a win 8 password recovery disk in advance or not. If so, you are very luckily. This is because it is very easy to reset lost win 8 password with it. Assuming that you have created it beforehand, then you can follow the steps below to reset password Windows 8 easily.

[1] Sign in Windows 8 with a wrong password and then see a reset password link.
[2] Insert into the password recovery disk and click on this link
[3] Click Next when the password reset wizard shows. Then choose the right password recovery disk
[4] Input in a new hint and password, click Next and Finish.

Make it! Now you can get into your Windows 8 PC with this new password.

Way Two: Reset Password Windows 8 with another Admin Account.

One question: Can you reset any other win 8 user password if you can login in as administrator? Of course, you can! Still disbelieve it? Just have a try. But I still have to inform you that some data will be lost if you using this Windows 8 password reset method.

[1] Login in Windows 8 with another accessible administrator account.
[2] Select user accounts from the search box (type “user accounts”)
[3] It opens user accounts windows, choose the user account which you need to reset password of.
[4] Input a password hint one time, a new password two time and them finish Windows 8 password reset.

Way Three: Have a try Windows 8 Password Reset Tool

Have no password recovery disk and another admin account? Nothing serious! Free Windows 8 password reset tool maybe your life saver. Among them, Ophcrack is the most popular and the best free one. However, it only helps you crack 99.9% of alphanumeric passwords of up to 14 characters in usually a few minutes. If you really need it to reset your lost Windows 8 password, download it from its official website directly.
Here I only take the best Windows 8 password reset program – Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 for example.
It is a professional Windows 8 password recovery tool to reset lost Windows 8 password with ease. This Software creates a password reset CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive that works at the time of booting process.

[1] Get another PC which you can run as admin, then download and run Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0.
[2] Insert CD/DVD/USB, create win 8 password reset disk with this tool in seconds.
[3] Boot your locked win 8 PC from this boot password reset disk.
[4] Following the instrction to reset the lost win 8 password.
[5] Login into your win 8 without password.

This Windows 8 password reset tool will save your time and cost on the Windows 8 password recovery process, why not get this utility now? So that you can enjoy a life free from Windows 8 password reset issues since now on.


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