I Forgot My Windows 8 Password! How Can I Recover it?

Question: I Forgot My Windows 8 Password and Locked out of Computer! How Can I Do to Recover it?

forgot windows 8 password

Hey, it happens. It is really a funning thing. We always prefer to set complicated and strong password to safeguard our data. But sometimes it is too complicated for us to remember it. Of course, we forgot it. Now you forgot your Windows 8 password.

Answer: You are very lucky! Here offers you several effective ways to recover Windows 8 password that you lost or forgot.

Option 1:  Try To Guess the Forgotten or Lost Windows 8 Password

Before we seek for some Windows 8 password recovery method, try to guess your Windows 8 password in some possible way. Don’t laugh! Maybe it can help you recall your lost password.

Generally speaking, most complicated passwords are combination by people, places and things in our daily life. With some effort, perhaps you spur your memory.
Could your Windows 8 password have had anything to do with:

your birthday?
your credit card password
your cell-phone number?
your name?
a set of your favorite number?
a combination of any of the above?
If fail, have a try the following ways.

Option 2: Use Your Windows 8 Password Reset Disk

It is the right time for you to use Windows 8 password reset disk which you have created it in advance. However, it is a pity that most of you don’t have a win 8 password reset disk. Maybe you didn’t know this win 8 feature or never thought you would forgot your Windows 8 password one day.

Option 3: Have an Administrator Recover Windows 8 Password for You

If you are on the only accounts on your win 8 computer, there are other people with administrator level on it. Then it is very simple for you to recover lost windows 8 password. This is because those with administrator level can manage the passwords of all the users in Windows 8. Of course, this administrator enables to recover Windows 8 password for you.

Option 4: Recover Windows 8 Password With a Password Reset Tool

Have no other users and Windows 8 password reset disk? Try guessing, but fail? It is time for you to try the following way.
Windows password reset tool are designed to reset or recover/remove your Windows 8 password. All of them are easy to use and feature 100% recovery rate. Only takes 4 minutes and 3 steps (Download/Burn/Reset), you can get back you lost Windows 8 password and log into your PC. Here give 4 best Windows 8 password reset tool for reference

Top 1: Windows Password Recovery Tool
Top 2: Windows Password Key
Top 3: SmartKey Windows Password Recovery
Top 4: Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery

I hope you will face not any problem after reading this complete tutorial on how to recover lost or forgotten Windows 8 password. In case if you face any problem to complete this tutorial, don’t forget to give me a shout at below comment box.


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